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Learn Italian in Venice

Master your Italian while exploring Venice, the most romantic place in the world.

study Italian for foreigners in Venice

Learn Italian in Venice

Master your Italian while exploring Venice, the most romantic place in the world.

Learn Italian in Venice and improve your Italian sealing i CANALI of Venice

Study Italian in Venice and experience the beauty of Italian culture .

Venice, as you know, is a city famous all over the world for its uniqueness. It is hard to believe, but it is truly a place without cars! While Studying Italian in Venice you will move into an environment rich in history, art and culture that takes your breath away: beauty is everywhere.
If you learn Italian in Venice you’ll discover a town full of activities, with two important universities, theaters, and foundations. Venice is a seaside city where you can enjoy a nice cool bathroom in summer but also a city that has a long cooking tradition where you can eat very well and taste excellent wines.
Our Italian school is located in the very center, an excellent starting point to get to know Venice and get closer to its charm that has enchanted for centuries writers, poets and artists and which still remains intact today.

Why learn Italian in Venice?

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Writing about art and architecture in Venice is a never-ending task: the town is full of masterpieces from an artistic point of view. this is one of the reasons why Venice is counted among the Italian sites as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
From the Doge’s Palace with its magnificent and impacting pink columns to the Campanile of San Marco or even to the Bridge of Sighs, which the prisoners walked to reach the Inquisitors of State and be judged. What about the famous Venice Biennale? If you want to improve your Italian in Venice you’ll be able to experience this international exhibition dedicated to visual arts, dance, cinema, music, architecture and theater. Founded as a cultural society in 1895, it is currently considered the most prestigious contemporary art exhibition in the world.
If you love natural spaces you’ll be able to find the magic of Venice in the small and beautiful islands that emerge from the water. Giudecca is the largest one followed by the island of Murano, famous for its world-famous colored glass and Burano, known for its lace and its colorful houses.

If none of this seems like a valid reason to learn Italian in Venice, here you have the right one for you: Istituto Venezia – scuola di lingua e cultura Italiana. Your Italian school in the heart of Venice.

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