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Study Italian in Florence

Improve your Italian language while enjoying the beauty of Florence

Study Italian language in our Italian school for foreigners in Florence

Study Italian in Florence

Improve your Italian language while enjoying the beauty of Florence

Why studying Italian in Florence?

Study Italian  fore foreigners in Florence and improve your Italian

Would you like to study Italian in Florence ? Here you have some information that will help you to settle your decision. Florence is the Renaissance city par excellence, the world cradle of art and architecture, a unique city that has kept its charm and the splendor of its magnificent past unchanged.
Learn Italian in Florence to feel an omnipresent past in which the city center and the countryside are still inextricably linked.
The richness of the historical-artistic, scientific, naturalistic and landscape heritage make the center and the surrounding hills a real “widespread museum”.
However, Florence is not a city that lives in the past: it is a vibrant city for its activities related to fashion, design, restoration, craftsmanship, innovation in all the main sectors that characterize its productive side.

Study Italian in Florence and breath the Renaissance and the incredible Italian culture .

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The historic center is very lively, you can wander around the neighborhoods with their open-air markets or hosted under the loggias. Visit the numerous artisan shops, creative workshops, to discover the masters who make quality and tradition the strengths of the ‘Artistic craftsmanship.

While studying Italian in Florence you can explore the city by walking from one point to another and get lost in the many medieval alleys that often suddenly open into beautiful squares that leave you breathless. Then… the evening comes. There are many restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, where you can dine, have an aperitif, have a beer and stop for a drink with friends. We can say that, when the sun goes down, the city changes and brings out its liveliest and most lively soul and you will find yourself in a dynamic and euphoric environment, a meeting place for many young Florentines and people who come from outside the city.

If none of this seems like a valid reason to learn Italian in Florence , here you have one more reason: Machiavelli , Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana per stranieri ,your Italian school in the heart of Florence . Where else can you learn Italian if not here ?

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