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Learn Italian in Milan

Ready to learn the Italian language style ?

Improve your Italian language while enjoying Milan fashion life style

Learn Italian in Italy at our Italian school for foreigners in Milan

Learn Italian in Milan

Ready to learn the Italian language style?

Why learning Italian in Milan?

Why Learning Italian in Milan?

Do you want to learn Italian in Milan but you still have some doubts about this amazing Italian city? Here you have more information that will help you to learn more about it.

Milan is by far the liveliest and most culturally versatile city in Italy. It fascinates everyone with its international character.
Firstly the Lombard metropolis is the capital of Italy when it comes to finance and communication, fashion and design. In Milan one is immediately led to feel Italian: in the squares with their outdoor cafes, in stores from ultra chic to alternative, in the Movida meetings or at the premiere of the opera at La Scala. While studying Italian in Milan you will enjoy bars and restaurants, from simple cuisine to that of great starred chefs. Rich in cultural monuments from the Duomo to Leonardo’s Last Supper, from the Castello Sforzesco to the important art galleries and libraries of Brera and Ambrosiana, the city provides feelings and events for all tastes.

Study Italian in Milan and dive into Italian language and culture.

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Here in Milán the new architectures (for example in Piazza Gae Aulenti) mix with historical jewels (such as San Maurizio and its frescoes), with exceptional meeting points for contemporary art (Fondazione Prada, Hangar Bicocca) and colorful markets. You can stroll along suggestive canals (Navigli) or relax in the various parks (Parco Sempione, Biblioteca degli Alberi).
Milan is a multi-ethnic and gay-friendly metropolis with many faces. At Villa Necchi Campiglio the upper middle class is on the scene, while it shows itself flashy and colorful in the bars of Via Lecco. It is cosmopolitan and at the same time typically Italian as an aperitif Mecca. Milan is always on the move, there is always an event somewhere in the city, there is no boredom.
The number of offices of foreign companies and multinationals is also constantly growing. Finally, last but not least: its strategic position. The magnificent lakes under the majestic Alps to the north, the rice fields to the west, cities like Bergamo or Cremona or the vineyards of Franciacorta to the east and the enchanting hilly landscape to the south invite you to go on numerous excursions.
And the sea is also easily accessible.

If none of this seems like a valid reason to learn Italian in Milan, here you have the right one for you: Il Centro – School of Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners. Your Italian school is in the heart of Milan: where else can you learn Italian if not here ?.

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