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The use of "please" in Italian

“Please” in Italian language

Acing “Per Favore”: Courteousness in Italian Communication When learning a new language, one of the most important aspects is understanding how to politely ask for something. The phrase equivalent to “please” in Italian is “per favore” in English.Mastering its use is essential to communicating respectfully with Italian speakers. The use of “Per favore” is more than just a linguistic nuance.This plays an important role in… Read More »“Please” in Italian language

Article about the Italian alphabet

Discover the fascinating world of the Italian Alphabet.

Learning Italian Alphabet: your gateway to language and culture. Are you fascinated by the melodious sounds of the Italian language? Discover Italy’s rich history and culture Are you fascinated? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we take a deep dive into the Italian alphabet, exploring its grammar, history, pronunciation, and interesting curiosities. Whether you’re a language enthusiast or just someone… Read More »Discover the fascinating world of the Italian Alphabet.

Milanese Idioms to improve your Italian while studying in Milan

Milanese sayings: the 7 most beautiful and funny ones!

Some scholars consider “el dialètt milanes” a real language, the Milanese language precisely.The Milanese call their dialect meneghin – just like Meneghin, a traditional character of the Milanese theater of the late 17th century, faithful and garrulous, who became famous among the masks of the “Commedia dell’arte,” better known abroad as “Italian Comedy.”“Dialect proverbs are, therefore, authorial maxims that reflect belonging to a specific culture… Read More »Milanese sayings: the 7 most beautiful and funny ones!

Romans Idioms to improve your Italian

7 Typical Roman phrases

Rome is a world-famous city for its works of art, museums, churches, villas and alleyways. A capital with many faces. The charm of antiquity on the one hand, the chaos and traffic jams that many Romans encounter almost every day on the other. It contains thousands of surprises, and if you’re a Roman, you’ll learn to handle it with ease, not getting mad when things… Read More »7 Typical Roman phrases

Impara l'italiano con 7 modi di dire a Firenze

7 Typical Florentine phrases

A city steeped in history and ancient traditions, Florence has no shortage of classic proverbs that reveal the character of its frank, irreverent yet somewhat questionable inhabitants. If you’re planning a trip to Florence, Italy, it’s a good idea to learn some basic Italian phrases to help you navigate the city and interact with locals. Below we have selected the 7 most popular ones. Fare… Read More »7 Typical Florentine phrases