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10 good reasons to study Italian in Rome!

A lifetime is not enough to tell the story of Rome. An encyclopaedia is not enough to write about her. From ancient times to today Rome is THE destination for travellers and pilgrims who, in the shadow of St. Peter and the Colosseum, can track back the history, the art and the cultureof the entire world: all roads, in fact, lead to Rome!

Rome, the Capital City. Rome, the Eternal City. In the morning, in the evening, at sunrise, at sunset. Rome makes everyone fall in love, at any time of day or night because it is a unique and unrepeatable city. Choosing to study Italian in Rome allows you to spend time in an incomparable place, walking the streets where Julius Caesar, Nero, and many other emperors have passed. The city that everyone has longed to conquer, from the barbarian peoples to the great French and Spanish kings. Rome is the city of the Popes, where Christianity landed with Peter and Paul. Great Italian and foreign artists found their inspiration here. Cinema has always filmed and immortalized Rome to the point of iconizing it in The Great Beauty. One is captivated by the magic of this city that has the power to bewitch anyone at any season of the year with its exceptional lights and colors.

Rome is immense and vast, but each of its neighborhoods has a different soul, and it certainly won’t be hard to find your place of the heart. Have you ever tried to walk through the historic alleys of Trastevere or have an aperitif in Monti while looking at the Colosseum? Have you ever gotten lost among the quirky buildings of the Coppedè district or the imposing architecture of EUR?  Would you like to discover the colors, scents, and flavors of the Esquiline or Campo dei Fiori markets? Here, Rome is also this and much more. Choosing a study stay in Rome, and taking an Italian course, allows you to take a journey through time by exploring all the historical aspects of a city founded over 2700 years ago. Not bad, right?

Rome has been cosmopolitan since the days of the Roman Empire, but did you know that today it is the only city in the world to have four accredited diplomatic bodies? There are representations to the Italian Republic, the Vatican State, the FAO, and the Sovereign Order of Malta. Virtually every flag in the world is planted on Roman soil, and this knowledge will immediately give you an international feel. To take a quality Italian course without a doubt, the best place is precisely the Capital, where you will be able to speak Italian at every level and with many types of people. For sure, a language study stay in Rome opens the mind and helps to consolidate friendships with students and workers from all corners of the Earth. In short, it’s really easy to feel like a citizen of the world in Rome!

Theaters, cinemas, outdoor concerts at the Circus Maximus, and in summer, opera and ballet at the Baths of Caracalla. Shows and exhibitions for all tastes and budgets. But for those who don’t want to spend too much, there is the spectacle of the sunset, which in Rome is truly fantastic: it is a magical moment where the warm evening lights envelop and soften the day that is ending. These are moments to share, perhaps from the Terrazza del Pincio, one of the most romantic places in the city, with the splendid panorama of domes, buildings, and roofs that turn red, then orange, and then purple. Attending an Italian language school in Rome will allow you to learn Italian and get some sweet practice right away. You didn’t think of that, did you?

In Rome, it is possible to eat everything, at excellent prices and with truly incomparable quality. Traditional Roman cuisine, with its various influences, lends itself to satisfying every palate, even the most demanding. There is the queen of Roman pasta, Carbonara, but what about Gricia? And what about maritozzi with cream? Or the Roman-style artichokes and fried artichokes alla Giudia? All accompanied by the wines of the Castelli Romani, An Italian language and culture course will truly be an unforgettable and complete experience if it is accompanied by all these special flavors that will enrich the moments of study at your Italian school for foreigners. Countless attractions, from pizzerias to gelaterias; the watermelon stand, and the fantastic restaurants in the center. There is no shortage of shopping opportunities, from small neighborhood stores to the precious boutiques of the big names in Italian fashion.

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An itinerary through the ancient streets to discover the parks in which are hidden wonderful villas, rich in history and charm. White marbles sprout from the lush greenery: cypresses, pines, and palms just to name a few of the plants that make these places desirable to enjoy the coolness and silence that incredibly reigns although we are in the heart of the city. From the Orange Garden to the Aventine Hill, from the Janiculum Hill and the Pincio Hill behind Villa Borghese, you can enjoy looking at Rome from above, discovering the corners you already know, but observing them from different perspectives. Villa Doria Pamphili and Villa Ada, with their opportunities for outdoor exercise trails, are among the most loved and frequented by Romans. Near our Italian school, you cannot miss Villa Torlonia, which entered history for being Mussolini’s home.

The “Eternal City” is one of the most important historical, artistic and cultural cities in the world. Students who come to learn Italian in Rome have the experience of living in a great European city and relaxing in contact with nature. In summer the Ostia beaches are nearby, reachable by a thirty-minute ride; in winter there are the mountains for skiing and snow sports. In other seasons there will be no shortage of opportunities to visit the lakes of volcanic origin, and the picturesque hills around the city called the Castelli Romani. Rome’s location in central Italy is ideal for students who want to explore other cities on the peninsula and in Europe. With two airports from which to depart and as the hub of the national rail network, fast and inexpensive transportation by plane or train connects you to most domestic and international destinations in a maximum of 3 to 4 hours.

There is a famous saying in Italy: all roads lead to Rome. We hope yours will also lead here and lead you to CLIDA – Centro Linguistico Dante Alighieri, our Italian language school in Rome that has been active in the city for many years. All CLIDA staff, from the management staff to each teacher, pay attention to the exclusivity of the smallest details. Your tastes, needs, and preferences as a student are taken into consideration. We constantly strive to offer personalized service. From the moment you arrive at school, you are placed at the center of attention. Each of us spends the utmost professionalism, hospitality, and availability so that everyone is comfortable, whether you stay a week or a whole year learning Italian with us. We offer exactly what you need in terms of courses and programs of study. Most of our students agree that CLIDA offers a unique and affordable mix of customized Italian programs with a rich cultural experience in one of the world’s greatest cities.   Here you will acquire memories that will last a lifetime.

To list all the treasures of Rome is impossible. Rome hosts travelers from all over the world who come to study Italian music, Italian history, culture, art history, and architecture. You don’t need to pay a ticket to admire the works of great artists known throughout the would Michelangelo’s Moses in the church of San Pietro in Vincoli; Bernini’s St. Theresa in Santa Maria della Vittoria; Caravaggio’s Madonna of the Pilgrims in St. Augustine. One need not enter the Colosseum to admire its grandeur and breathe in the splendor of ancient Rome, nor the Roman Forum to imagine ancient Romans in togas discussing their public and private affairs. A visit to the Non-Catholic Cemetery next to the Pyramid will reveal how many foreign artists and men of letters ended their earthly journey while in Rome to study Italian and the Italian culture of our country.

When the sunlight dims, the lights of the movie sets go out and the lights of the night come on, it is the best time to find one’s Dolce Vita. A stroll hand in hand with your loved one at the Tiber Island, an aperitif in one of the medieval piazzas, a quiet dinner at Testaccio, and then go up to Sant’Anselmo and look at St. Peter’s Basilica from the lock of the Knighthood of Malta: the history, art, and flavors will be exclusive toys in your hands, gifts of this magical city

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